CIPD Industry Engagement Committee

The CIPD Industry Engagement Committee is focused on increasing active involvement and collaboration between business and industry and CIPD academic partners.  By fostering mutually beneficial relationships and achieving common goals, the committee will lead three broad CIPD goals:

  1. Bridge the gap between academia and business and industry through measurably increased industry engagement and participation in CIPD events and programs.
    • Establish ad hoc business and industry Advisory Boards with discrete timeframes, to address specific questions or emerging challenges
  2. Enrich educational programs and research relevance through business and industry engagement.
    • Promote collaboration in curriculum development and augmented learning opportunities
    • Facilitate student internship opportunities
    • Create  platforms for relevant business and industry engagement
    • Policy development and advocacy
    • Promote corporate and social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability efforts
  3. Add value to business and industry operations (hiring of graduates, foster technology innovation and integration, strengthen research relevance, and professional development and advanced degrees for current employees.
    • Clearly articulate benefits
    • Showcase success stories
    • Provide access to resources
    • Facilitate networking opportunities
    • Provide customized solutions
    • Provide access to talent