About Us

College Industry Partnerships Division (CIPD) is a division of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).  The Division was established in January 1976 with the following goals:

  • To assess, recommend and establish policies that reflect the technical interests of CIPD’s College and Industrial members.
  • To provide forums for discussion and information exchange on matters pertaining to the educational preparation of engineers and technicians for practice in the industry and subsequent professional development.
  • To initiate special projects that will assist educators and practitioners in implementing special student programs.
  • To stimulate broader industrial representation and participation in ASEE.
  • To work with other segments of ASEE to enhance mutual benefits from education-industry cooperation.
  • To maintain college-industry alertness to, and understanding of, changing professional climates in academic and industrial areas.

Why Join CIPD?

  • Build your network with colleagues from academia and industry to create and grow opportunities for public-private partnerships
  • Engage with a network of colleagues from academia and industry to discuss shared interests and derive practical solutions to common challenges
  • Bridge the workforce gap to foster career-ready graduates
  • Strengthen engagement with industry to enhance student learning programs