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A New Dialog
CIP provides opportunities for fresh dialog with all members who seek to find the best methods for the development of successful partnerships of organizations working together in the creation of educational programs and/or research partnerships.  I do not want to reinvent the educational wheel; I just want to learn from the successes and even the failures of others to improve upon my efforts in the development of successful partnerships with our corporate partners.  These are some of the reasons I have continued to be active in the CIP Division and why I look forward every year to my continued dialog with old and new corporate and academic colleagues.  – Linda Krute, NC State

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Members of the College Industry Partnerships Division are individuals involved in developing relationships between various units of employment and education. They come from a variety of backgrounds and include university relations, corporate relations, program directors, and program planners. Industry representatives, college faculty, and staff members from industry, societies, and private sponsors join CIPD to discuss common problems and methods to develop effective partnering solutions.


CIPD is a division of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and is concerned with developing a close partnership between employers and universities. The program activities are designed to motivate individuals to seek solutions to problems associated with preparing the next generation of engineers for the future challenges of society.

Techniques included in programs are:

Industrial Policy
To assess, recommend, and establish policies that reflect the technical interests of industrial members.

Professional Development
To provide forums for discussion and information exchange on matters pertaining to the educational preparation of engineers and technicians for practice in the industry and subsequent professional development.

Special Projects
To initiate special projects which will assist educators and practitioners in implementing special student programs

Why join?

CIPD is focused on building stronger relationships and solving problems, not just talking about them. As a CIPD member, you’ll have unlimited access to our Member-Only resources, tools, and content. There are many opportunities to network with professionals in both academia and industry focused on the issues facing engineering education.