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The Board of Directors of CIPD is the top-level executive organ of the division with responsibility for making decisions on the day-to-day business and the future strategic direction of the group. Board members, drawn from academia and industry, bring a wealth of experience and knowledge and a diverse set of perspectives to the leadership of the division. Board members serve for three-year terms, which can be extended at the member’s option. Board members can also assume greater responsibility in more senior positions within the Board as well as in the broader ASEE governing bodies. Service on the Board offers members significant opportunities to promote ideas and projects to advance the core mission of CIPD (stronger collaboration and coordination between industry and academia) and to take an active role in ASEE’s larger mission of improving and advancing engineering education.

The Board meets once a month for about an hour to discuss and decide on issues of immediate interest and strategic importance. Most Board meetings are held via web conferencing tools with no travel required. Two of the Board meetings (one in late January-early February and one in June) are in-person and Board members are expected to travel at their own expense.

If you are interested or know anyone who may be interested in serving on the CIPD Board of Directors, please contact any board member. Candidates currently working in industry or academics who have had substantial industry experience are particularly encouraged to serve. The CIPD By-laws provide additional information about the requirements for and obligations of board members.