How We Work

Examples of how we work:

Our interface with practicing engineers is primarily through two annual conferences of ASEE.

The annual ASEE conference includes all divisions and the topics of presentations, including a generally focused plenary session, address a changing theme relevant to engineering education each year. Additional presentations by members of all divisions expand upon the general theme and provide the opportunity to network between smaller groups interested in specific topics.

The annual CIEC Conference (Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration) each February is sponsored by four divisions of ASEE: CIPD (College and Industry Division); CPDD (Continuing Professional Development Division); CEED (Cooperative Experiential Education Division); and ETD (Engineering Technology Division). This conference is more specifically aligned with our vision and mission. The CIEC conference also has a specific theme each year and the presentations, including a plenary session by notable members of industry and academia, often in a panel format, followed by two and a half days of breakout sessions on specifically related topics, provides the greatest opportunity for engineering educators and engineers in industry to share ideas with one another.

Both annual conferences include many opportunities for networking including division sponsored breakfasts and lunches. Other opportunities for socializing include conference-wide dinners, golf outings, and tours for accompanying spouses. The two conferences offer the greatest opportunity for engineering educators, practicing engineers and technologists from various colleges, as well as industry representatives to contribute to the collective body of knowledge that defines our joint contribution in addressing the many technological challenges that face our world today.