CIPD Vision

The College Industry Partnership Division of ASEE fosters the development and advancement of partnerships between college educators, in the disciplines of engineering, and individuals working in the engineering and technology fields in the industry. The College Industry Partnerships Division is seeing the world from a different perspective. Our view of Engineering Education enables us to focus on issues pertinent to the engineers of today and tomorrow, while our rich history provides us with the context to see opportunities.

CIPD Mission

The College Industry Partnerships Division views academia from a unique perspective focusing on the requirements of the industry. Our view of engineering education enables us to focus on issues pertinent to the practicing engineer and to incorporate them in curricula to better prepare engineering students

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to contribute to the issues and challenges facing the industry in the future.

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Member Spotlight

The College-Industry Partnership Division CIPD) has within its membership a diverse group of academic and industry representatives.  By working closely together in organizing sessions or attending the annual ASEE or Conference

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for Industry and Education Collaboration (CIEC) conferences, I have met many representatives from both small and large companies who have taught me much about their business cultures, how their organization perceives the value of working with universities,and how my university might work better with them in the education of new graduates or in the professional development of their workforce.

CIP provides opportunities for fresh dialog with all members who seek to find the best methods for the development of successful partnerships of organizations working together in the creation of educational programs and/or research partnerships.  I do not want to reinvent the educational wheel; I just want to learn from the successes and even the failures of others to improve upon my efforts in the development of successful partnerships with our corporate partners.  These are some of the reasons I have continued to be active in the CIP Division and why I look forward every year to my continued dialog with old and new corporate and academic colleagues.    – Linda Krute, NC State

Member Spotlight

I recently retired from an electric utility (Omaha Public Power District) as an instructor at their nuclear power plant (Fort Calhoun Station). Nuclear power plants have rigorous training programs accredited by INPO (Institute for Nuclear Power Operations). I coordinated the Engineering Support Personnel (ESP) training program whose students included 100 engineers from all engineering disciplines: electrical, mechanical, nuclear, and civil who fill various plant engineering positions in systems, design, reliability, procurement, and operations.

There are approximately 100 nuclear power

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plants at 60 utilities with similar engineering workforces and associated training programs. They are sub-divided into four national regions as defined by the NRC. Fort Calhoun Station was part of NRC Region-4 (West) which comprised 20 nuclear power plants. Based on that subdivision, the training departments at nuclear power plants in Region-4 developed a training consortium called Westrain. One of the functions of Westrain was to share resources to conduct training self-assessments (annually) of member programs and to participate with INPO in accreditation renewal visits (every five years).

As a member of CIPD, I was able to share the latest pertinent issues addressed at our annual CIEC (Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration) with engineering training departments from Westrain, and alternatively, share the expressed concerns of engineering trainers from Westrain with members of CIPD.
– Bill Woodward